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  1. ary. Novice. Elementary
  2. For Level 2 the Dressage New Zealand Official 2013 test book states to confirm that the horse has developed an established rounded outline without restriction, moves freely forward without collection but with active hindquarter and achieved a degree of balance, straightness and throughness. The horse should be in steady light contact with the bit without tension or resistance. For.
  3. At the international level, dressage tests governed by the FEI are the Prix St. Georges, Intermediare I, Intermediare II, and Grand Prix. The dressage tests performed at the Olympic Games dressage competition are Grand Prix. This level of test demands the most skill and concentration from both horse and rider
  4. The levels of Dressage in America are Introductory, Training, First Level, Second Level, Third Level, Fourth Level, Prix Saint George, Intermediate I & II, and Grand Prix. How Long Does It Take to Train a Dressage Horse? Dressage training often takes several years, as it is important not to rush the horse
  5. In today's world, competitive dressage is recognized as one of the three equestrian Olympic disciplines, and as well, is a method for showcasing all levels of training in a competitive format. Currently, there are nine progressive levels of competition, open to any breed of horse and available for all levels of riders, in which the horse and rider perform compulsory exercises. Special classes such as musical freestyle offer creativity and individual expression for the exhibitors and have.
  6. With its popularity rapidly growing each year, Dressage is the ultimate expression of horse training and elegance. Often compared to ballet, the intense connection between both human and equine athletes is a thing of beauty to behold. Dressage. 03 April 2021. Dressage
  7. The levels of dressage start with the most basic skills ending with highest levels demanding years of training and perfection from both horse and rider. Within each test, excluding the FEI (Federal Equestrian International) tests which consist of Prix St. George and up, each level has three tests that riders can choose to ride

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Proceed working trot 2. C H - X - F Track left Change rein 3. A - C Serpentine 3 equal loops width of the arena 2 4. Between C & Training Level Test 3 - The NEW 2019 Version from the United States Dressage Federation - YouTube. Training Level Test 3 - The NEW 2019 Version from the United States Dressage Federation. Watch. When it comes to Star Stable Dressage Basics everyone has their prefrences and sometimes even different terms, but this is how we do it in Spring Roses for t..

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[...] in novice (A) and elementary (L) level test for young dressage horses and completed the requirements for licensing by qualifying for the Bundeschampionat. In 2009 San Schufro won a whole series of tests for y ou n g dressage h o rs es in elementary (L) and medium ( M ) level a n d placed in the Final of the Bundeschampionat [... Dressage competition tests act as a check on the progress of the horse as it moves up the levels. Tests are ridden in an arena that is either 20 meters X 40 meters or 20 meters X 60 meters and has letters that mark certain points of the arena. Where the letters originated from is not certain, but an article in the British Dressage magazine (June/July 2000), states that in the old Imperial.

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  1. Even though at First Level there are no scores for the transitions in the trot lengthening, you should be working on developing them in order to move on to Second Level. Most First Level riders coast through the second corner with no thought about showing a downward transition back to working trot. I usually tell my students to begin the downward canter transition about 12 meters before the.
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  3. Fourth Level. Intercollegiate Dressage. Introductory Level. Junior/ Young Rider. Second Level. Third Level. Training Level. Young Horse. Discover exercises and training advice tailored specifically to you and your horse's level of experience
  4. Dressage Moves Levels. Here we will explain to you each of our dressage moves step by step. We will also categorize them by their difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You can also watch our tutorials for each and every move down below
  5. g Soon; Western Dressage. Introductory Level; Movements. 20-Meter Circl

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  1. Each level has various movements in which are appropriate for that level, here is a brief summary of what gets introduced as you move up the levels within New Zealand Dressage tests. Intro: walk, trot, canter and 20m circle. First level: 20 meter circles, 5-metre loops in trot and give and take of the rein
  2. Microsoft Word - Dressage Levels Chart 12.1.12 JWM.doc Author: Janine Malone Created Date: 2/3/2013 5:36:43 P
  3. As a sport, dressage is all about putting training into practice in front of a judge (or judges) to show how the horse's development is progressing against a set ideal. From the lowest level to the pinnacle, horse and rider perform movements in a rectangular arena and are awarded marks for their efforts by a judge or panel of judges
  4. Level 4 Move Descriptions Rear Halt Set: Come to a halt by rearing on go. Retreat Curl Set: On go, make a curl and a curl over in the direction asked (1 1/2 curl). Big Bear: From E/B, make a half moon, and then ride diagonally to the letter on the long wall. Canter Fate Set: On go, ride a fate in the canter, and then return immediately to trot (go can be used twice for better sync)

Modern, or competitive, dressage evolved from the classical school, although it now exists in a somewhat different form from its ancestor. Competitive dressage is an international sport ranging from beginner levels to the Olympics.Unlike classical dressage, competitive dressage does not require the airs above ground, which most horses cannot perform well even with correct training, due to. DR101 Object and General Principles of Dressage 1. The object of dressage is the development of the horse into a happy athlete through harmonious education. As a result, it makes the horse calm, supple, loose and flexible, but also confident, attentive and keen, thus achieving perfect understanding with the rider. 2. These qualities are demonstrated by

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Exclusive Dressage Imports (EDI) specializes in the import and training of elite quality horses. EDI personally selects and trains top-notch European dressage prospects for international buyers of all levels. We offer complete transparency and have a very selective criteria with our imports Standard dressage arena dimensions are 20m x 60m (66' x 198') and small dressage arena dimensions are 20m x 40m (66' x 132'). If you are building a riding ring and have the space you can stake out the larger arena size. If you plan to ride dressage tests, you will probably start out riding in the smaller arena. You can move in the end markers for the shorter distance. However, the larger arena is nice to have for general schooling, or if you plan to jump and don't have room to build a. In First Level, no real collection is required and so the lengthening shows a longer stride with added suspension or lift. In Second Level and above, a progressive degree of collection is required. The medium trot is therefore executed with a mild degree of sitting action from the hindquarters, and then more so in the extended trot. The forehand naturally elevates in proportion to the degree of sitting action. In Third Level and above, extensions at walk, trot and canter are required Dressage Show Online is based out of the beautiful horse country in Georgia. The DSO team consist of international riders, trainers and judges. The team have competed at all levels of Dressage both national and international Presented by Grand Prix Dressage Rider &. Leading Online Coach Natasha Althoff. PART 1: The ultimate riding tool and why it's needed to ensure progress through the levels. PART 2: The missing link that is easy to learn that will ELIMINATE frustration, confusion and slow results in your riding

In an effort to enable the general populace to understand and then utilize the principles of dressage, a series of levels were standardized within countries that recognize dressage as a sport. In the United States, a body of judges and trainers are appointed to outline the levels every four years. The levels are: Training, First, Second, Third and Fourth (with other auxiliary levels for various competitive events). However, the subsequent, more advanced levels are standardized worldwide by. Western Dressage Level 1 is the second level of the horse and rider's development and serves stepping stone in the progressive training required in the sport of Western Dressage. The Level 1 horse should demonstrate that it is developing more engagement of the hindquarter and the impulsion required to properly perform lengthenings. Additionally, the horse [

BE100 dressage tests. File. 101 - BE100 dressage test 101 (2009) 76.69 KB. File. 102 - BE100 dressage test 102 (2010) 78.91 KB. File. 103 - BE100 dressage test 103 (2010) 76.93 KB. File. 106 - BE100 dressage test 106 (2012) 25.22 KB. File. 107 - BE100 dressage test 107 (2016) 187.35 KB. File. 108 - BE100 dressage test 108 (2016) 125.7 KB. File. 109 - BE100 Championship test 109 (2018) 67.99 KB. In Freestyle tests, riders perform their own pattern of movements choreographed from a list of compulsory elements suitable for each level. The Australian Dressage Committee in conjunction with State Dressage Committees/Councils and Judges' Subcommittees produce a new set of national tests every four years. The levels are: Preparatory; Preliminar

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Dressage Levels Dressage is an intense discipline of horsemanship, which helps in the creation of an interactive relationship between a horse and his rider. Different levels in dressage have pyramid shapes, wherein increase in the level means increase in tough tests. The beginner level starts with introductory level and ends with first level If you compete in dressage you'll quickly find that the greater challenge is trying to improve your score, not just bringing home a rosette. With every element receiving a mark out of 10, you will be able to see what aspects you need to practice before you ride the next test. You will be able to progress through the levels at your own pace. Kurs allow you some creativity and a change from standard tests The owner was very pleased at how well Seany and I got along and asked me if I was interested in purchasing him as a dressage only schoolmaster; he would be a professional that I could ride, clinic, and school through all of the FEI levels, but she did not want him to have the stress of being shown above 2 nd level. She wanted him to be semi-retired from the competitive world, but wanted him to stay fit and feel useful as he had worked every day of his life. Most importantly, she. Just as no hoof means no horse, without a correctly set-up arena you have no dressage test. Perhaps this added pressure, combined with the seemingly overwhelming task of perfectly arranging countless rails and letters in a precise rectangle, is what causes many show volunteers to get as nervous as a competitor when they see the letters A, K, E, H, C, M, B and F together You and your horses performance history will be recorded and you will receive full grading points at all levels. You will be eligible to be selected for provincial and National teams. You are also entitled to participate in any clinics, seminar, programmes organised by Dressage SA. International: Adult competitive riders who regularly compete in South Africa and need access to your systems for.

DRESSAGE - FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS. A rider doesn't have to have incredible riding skills to make progress in training their horse. There are many ways in which you can use our training to help you to success. Learning our groundwork system, with Ali Wakelin, will make a big difference to how responsive your horse is to the aids. Once you have really honed your groundwork then your horse really. British Dressage Equetech Online Championships. Run at Intro to Advanced Medium levels, this series is for riders competing via Dressage Anywhere. To qualify directly for the championship, horse and rider combinations must achieve three scores of 60% or above, gained between 1 January 2020 and 30 September 2020

Please note that EC and/or the Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs) are required to pay a copyright fee for the use of national-level dressage tests (Introductory to Fourth Level). Therefore, a Dressage Test User Fee is applied for competitions using EC National Dressage Tests 12-feb-2017 - Dressage is a pyramid style sport where each subsequent level builds on the previous levels. Here you will learn the basics of each level and how they are used in upper levels of dressage Dressage Test classes utilize tests specifically designed for this unique type of competition. 4 Ability Levels for DSE in Middle and Upper School: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Open. NEW THIS YEAR! 4th and 5th grade riders can join the IEA on middle school (Futures) teams and compete in any eligible division level

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Application for Dressage Exemption - Eligibility of horses, ponies and combinations for each level. For new combinations at FEI levels from Prix St Georges to CDN Grand Prix, horses and riders providing proof of previous experience at the FEI level may apply to EADC to waive qualification scores based on evidence provided Swan River Dressage Inc was founded in 2010 with the aim to help foster and promote the sport of Dressage in WA. To achieve this the club strives to support our members in a friendly and inclusive manner through offering club training days, club level, Participant and Competitive competition series each year catering for all levels of riders including juniors, and all levels of competition.

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Olivia Towers returns to give us more great advice on test riding, along with five-star international Dressage judge Isobel Wessels. In this new video, Olivia takes us through some advanced moves, while Isobel gives some helpful advice from the official's point of view. It follows up their previous video looking at the basics of test riding. This time, we're looking at tips and tricks that. 4 Dressage Equipment Booklet Updated 4/1/16 Two examples of riding shirts with integrated stand-up collars shown at left. BOTH ARE ALLOWED in dressage competitions and may be used instead of a tie, choker or stock tie. Half chaps, shown above, ARE ONLY allowed in competition through First Level, except with a Dispensation Certificate The USEF/USDF renewals for August 15-16, 2020 are submitted and there will be TIP (Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Plan) awards for the following: FEI Levels Dressage High Point Award First Level Dressage High Point Award Freestyle Dressage High Score Thoroughbred High Point Dressage Thoroughbred(Overall) High Score Dressage Thoroughbred (Overall) Introductory Dressage High Point Award Second/Third/Fourth Level Dressage High Point Award Training Level Dressage High Point Award We would.

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WE DRESSAGE TEST - LEVEL 1 (INTRODUCTORY) (2 of 2) COLLECTIVE MARKS POINTS COEFF TOTAL REMARKS GAITS Correctness, freedom, and regularity. 1 IMPULSION Desire to move forward, elasticity of the steps, suppleness of the back, and engagement of the hindquarters. 2 SUBMISSION 2 Willing cooperation, harmony, attention an Upgrading your dressage level; Dressage test training; Preparation for competitions; Horse management assistence; Book Your training. From Our Students. Dressage for You is unlike other trainers, they truly understand what we need. Their main focus in the lessons is to improve our riding skills so that we are able to continue riding on our own. Sometimes we do an online follow up lesson, which. D (medium) level dressage education seminar @ QSEC, Caboolture 15th August 2020 very limited numbers available due to Covid-19 restrictions so dont wait to book!!! register Liz coeliz@iinet.net.a This course, Training Level Dressage, is all about breaking things down and giving you the confidence to get out there and show!!! By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, understanding exactly what the judge is looking for, and going through each of the Training Level tests, you will have a clear picture of the steps to take to enter the ring prepared for Training Level!! Invest in your.

First Level is a stepping stone between Training Level (very basic) and Second Level dressage (where collection is first introduced). The course then goes over the 3 First Level Tests (2019 version) and gives a movement by movement commentary on what the rider should be thinking and doing in each movement. The First Level tests are much more complex than Training Level so this section is. Level 1 Dressage Coach Slips 3.1 & 3.2 - Coach Observation.pdf: Level 1 Dressage Coach - Slip 3.3 - Coach Observation - Poles & Grids.pdf: Level 1 Dressage Coach - Slip 3.4 - Risk Management.pdf: Level 1 Dressage Coach - Slip 3.5 - Risk Management - Poles & Grids.pdf: Level 1 Dressage Coach - Slip 4 - Yearly competition plans.pd This group is about Campaigning to have the option to use a snaffle bit in FEI level Dressage tests. The riders should be given the opportunity to decide what is best for their horse Dressage Test This publication aims to assist young people who are interested in beginning to ride dressage as a discipline of riding or as a method of training their horses. To serve as a place to start, this article will: 1. Walk you through the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) 2004 Training Level I Test 1 movements. 2. Discuss basic dressage etiquette. 3. Introduce the.

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****Level One does not require the horse to canter and so canter or gallop animations are NOT included.*** The set include the Level One Dressage AO for the Breeder's Choice horse avatar, Level One Dressage Riding system for horse & rider, an animation HUD with five animations, 2 add-on sounds (walk, trot) and 2 Dressage in SL Level One Dressage Test HUDs Dressage Queensland Foundation AAOR Series . The aim of the Dressage Queensland Foundation Adult Amateur Owner Rider (AAOR) Series is to encourage participation and progression at the competitive level in up and coming riders and to provide a pathway for the transition from participant to competitive competition

The international successful dressage rider Alejandro Asencio Méndez has once again visited Helgstrand Dressage. Alejandro has developed several horses from youngster to Grand Prix level and he already has two superb Grand Prix horses in his stable - he is qualified for the Olympics with one of them Check Out Beginners Dressage On eBay. Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Beginners Dressage On eBay In an effort to enable the general populace to understand and then utilize the principles of dressage, a series of levels were standardized within countries that recognize dressage as a sport. In the United States, a body of judges and trainers are appointed to outline the levels every four years. The levels are: Training, First, Second, Third and Fourth (with other auxiliary levels for. Tag: Dressage Levels. Education. The ABCs of going from A to X, and an introduction... yourdressage-August 2, 2019 0. By Jennifer O. Bryant Dressage is an orderly and systematic progression of gymnastic training. Precision is what it's all about. That's why, the world over, all... - Advertisement - MOST POPULAR. Choosing the Right Horse: How Equine Personality Plays a Role. May 21, 2019.

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Dressage Levels. D R E S S A G E. Novice (D1) - Must be able to do all the basic gaits: walk to canter. Not particularly considered a level. Training (D2) - Must be able to do all the basic, collected and extended gaits, walk to canter. Preliminary (D3) - Must be able to do half pass as well as a canter pirouette. Intermediate (D4) - Must be able to do piaffe, passage and pirouette. Advanced. In USDF (United States Dressage Federation) showing, dressage has been divided up into five levels, with Basic dressage considered the introductory or training level dressage. Steps. Part 1 of 3: Readying Your Horse 1. Get to know your horse. First, make sure you familiarize yourself with your horse and that your horse knows you. Before you get all into competing or just doing dressage. Dressage Competition Levels. Dressage Rider Dress Rules. Dressage arena layout and letters. History Of Dressage. Memorising the dressage arena letters. Featured Products. Rhinegold Sahara Star Print Combo Fly Rug A soft mesh fly rug designed to protect your horse from flies and UV rays. Shop Now . Set Of 12 Metal Screw On Dressage Arena Letters Set of 12 metal dressage letters: A, B, C, E, F.

In Australia, our dressage levels are Prep, Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advaned, Prix St George, Inter I, Inter II and Grand Prix. Our prep is walk/trot and is only really offered at local level. Prelim is walk/trot/canter and I think is the equivalent of the US's training. Then I'm fairly sure it roughly goes Novice = 1st, Elem = 2nd, Medium = 3rd, Advaned = 4th and then the FEI. Level 2 Tool Kit. Guidance, resources and templates to assist Area Groups/Clubs and Organising Committees with navigating Level 2 requirements. News. Latest news posts and updates. Dressage NZ Bulletin Issue 50April 2021. Your Monthly Magazine to Inform, Inspire & Indulge . Latest Dressage News. Dressage Updates. Frequently Ask Questions - Dressage. Frequently asked questions regarding the.

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Damit wir in Dressur auf einer selben Höhe bei der Geschwindigkeit stehen, liegt unser Mindestlevel bei Level 20. Dennoch kann man sich mit Level 19 bewerben. In das Team kommst du trotzdem erst wenn du Level 20 erreicht hast. Außerdem legen wir sehr viel Wert auf deine Aktivität sowohl bei den Treffen, als auch im Discord. Sich abzumelden, wenn man zu einem Treffen nicht kommen kann, ist. Purple Wolves Dressage - A Complete SSO Dressage System Welcome to Your Dressage Journey! These tests are meant to be ridden individually. Each level will also include one test to be performed with a group. The parts in brackets should not be read or typed by the person calling the test. All of the commands are defined below Title: Microsoft Word - Dressage Levels Chart 12.1.12 JWM.doc Author: Janine Malone Created Date: 2/3/2013 5:36:43 P

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Super 5 Dressage League The 2020-21 Super 5 League comprises a points series in each island at all graded Levels Preliminary to Grand Prix (top 5 points only to count) plus an island final at both the South Island Festival of Dressage and the Waikato Kiwi Arena Rakes Premier League (North Island Championships) Dressage Levels. Thread starter Burke; Start date Mar 17, 2000; Forums. Archives. Archives by Year. 2000 Archive of Posts . B. Burke New Member. Oct 31, 1999 18 0 0 Visit site. Mar 17, 2000 #1. British dressage rider Stephen Hayes has competed through to the FEI levels within the dressage sport in Europe and the US, and is also a global dressage clinician. Spanish Team rider Beatrice Ferrer-Salat is one of the many Olympic riders Stephen has intensely trained with. Vicki Thompson-Winfield for Team GB is another Olympic rider he thoroughly trained with and competed for at her.

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Dressage has existed as a method of horse training since ancient times. The sport of Dressage made it's Olympic debute in 1912, modern dressage offers nine progressive levels of competition and is open to any breed of horse and all levels of riders. The United States Dressage Federation is the only national membership organization dedicated to dressage. Dedicated to education, the. Levels of Dressage Tests Stating off at Introductory the dressage levels gradually progress and involve more technical movements and requirements from the horse. Introductory; Preliminary; Novice; Elementary ; Medium ; Advanced Medium; Advanced; Prix St. Georges; Intermediare I; Intermediare II; Grand Prix ; Movements Within A Test The movements required will depend on the level that is to be. WDAA Level 1 Test 1 - AA : 1st: 63.52%: Judy Robinson & Brandy Eye Cash : NV: WDAA Coached Walk Only - JNR : 1st: 65.25%: Madeline Benn & I'm a Showtime Dude : PA: WDAA Western Dressage Seat Horsemanship Intro A - Open: 1st: 65.00%: Michele Lepire & Robin Hood: AZ: 2nd: 63.00%: Shaun Rathy & Logans Lily: Canada Dressage Show Online & Passeggiata Dressage Benefiting Lipizzan Rescue Foundation. Check your level of training with high class experts Continue Three simple steps 1 Register for free 2 Upload a video 3 Receive assessment. Continue Judges This website uses Google Analytics cookies to ensure you get the best. C Level Dressage Test 2012. PDF - 117 kB. Download Resource Download Resource. Riders Test. PDF - 154 kB. Download Resource Download Resource. Learning Tools. The websites below can be useful learning tools to accompany the definitive tests: www.dressage-master.com provides audio versions of all Pony Club dressage tests for downloading to MP3 players or Smartphones, for learning or revising.

This course, Second Level Dressage, is all about breaking things down and giving you the confidence to get out there and show!!! By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, understanding exactly what the judge is looking for, and going through each of the Second Level tests, you will have a clear picture of what you need to work on to enter the ring prepared for Second Level!! Second Level. Training to the Levels for Horse and Rider. Dressage in SL Training to the Levels for Horse and Rider Menu. Skip to content. Home; About Dressage in SL; 10 Jul 2017. Rose Ball 2017 (see below) by h0neyheart. Source: Rose Ball 2017 (see below) Leave a comment. 13 Feb 2014. Novice Cohort, Wednesdays 6 pm SLT. by h0neyheart. The Novice Cohort has been moved to Wednesdays at 6 pm SLT. Please join. New Mexico Dressage Chapter of Rocky Mountain Dressage Society is an all-inclusive 501(c)(3) organization that supports the sport and enjoyment of dressage for all levels in classical, western and eventing dressage. NMD-RMDS focuses on providing opportunities for basic through advanced education; recognized and schooling competitions; symposia on special topics; and supporting adult and young.

It is contested across a range of levels, startling at Prelim - which simply involves walk and trot - and continuing all the way up to Grand Prix, where combinations must perform complex movements including piaffe and passage. At senior championship level, dressage is contested at European, World and Olympic level. The World Class Programme is designed to provide a targeted approach to. Warm-up in dressage competitions: association with level, competition type and final score - Volume 3 Issue 4 - Rachel C Murray, Sarah Mann, Tim DH Parki Helping horse and rider athletes of all ages and levels develop to their potential with an individualized approach. Alex believes in building a strong dressage foundation in a calm and fun environment. Her clients range from Training Level to Prix St. Georges Tack and Bits - At all levels ideally all tests are to be ridden in dressage-legal bits and tack (i.e snaffles, no martingales etc). Green , Yellow , Yellow-Plus and Blue riders may enter classes using a non-legal bit or item of tack without penalty, but in the event of a tied score, the pony/rider with dressage-legal tack will receive the higher placing

Wear a protective helmet for all dressage competitions. Choose a helmet that is either black or navy blue. It must meet the safety requirements of your region and be fitted properly. If you are riding in an advanced or championship level competition, you can choose to wear a top hat or a uniform hat that matches your coat color The Dressage Coach is a digital platform offering a range of services for riders of all abilities whether you're an every day rider or elite equestrian athlete. The Dressage Coach includes virtual training, mindset, performance and psychological coaching as well as a wide range of distance learnin Western Dressage: What's it all about! Want a new challenge or just something new for you and your horse? Come learn more about this new and growing discipline! It will be a full day of demonstrations and lectures of all levels of Western Dressage! Featured Clinician: Frances Carbonnel of Castle Rock, CO

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WE DRESSAGE TEST - LEVEL 1 (INTRODUCTORY) (2 of 2) COLLECTIVE MARKS POINTS COEFF TOTAL REMARKS GAITS Correctness, freedom, and regularity. 1 IMPULSION 2 Desire to move forward, elasticity of the steps, suppleness of the back, and engagement of the hindquarters. SUBMISSION 2 Willing cooperation, harmony, attention and confidence, acceptance of the contact. Straightness, lightness of the. Standard dressage arena dimensions are 20m x 60m (66' x 198') and small dressage arena dimensions are 20m x 40m (66' x 132'). If you are building a riding ring and have the space you can stake out the larger arena size. If you plan to ride dressage tests, you will probably start out riding in the smaller arena. You can move in the end markers for the shorter distance. However, the larger arena. Black 4th level dressage gelding in FL/MAThis super sweet 10 yr old gelding is 16.3 h and a real eye catcher! He is working 4th level and super nice to ride! Suitable for amateurs, puppy dog personality!For a video click here!Price range II: 3rd level 6 yr old black bay dressage mare. 6 yr old flashy black bay dressage mare, 3rd level! This sweet mare is 16.3 h and already showing confirmed at. Miari Stables & Sport Horse Breeding. Miari Stables, in Tumwater, WA is a popular and successful dressage facility. Owned and run by Kari McClain since 1980 and specializing in full care boarding, high quality instruction and training as well as running a nationally respected sport horse breeding program with horses of all levels for sale. . Instructors Kari McClain, Nicki Charbonneau & Rachel. WDAA 2017 LEVEL 1 TEST 2 Name of Competition Date of Competition Name and Number of Horse Name of Rider Final Score Maximum Points: 280 Points / Percent Name of Judge Signature of Judge WDAA 2017 WESTERN DRESSAGE LEVEL 1 TEST 2 WESTERN DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION® OF AMERICA *COEFFICIEN

A snaffle must be used in all levels up to Elementary. See .FA Dressage Rules for permitted bits ; Boots, including overreach boots, and bandages may be used for warming up, but must be removed before presenting the gear steward A breastplate is permitted up to medium level where a snaffle bridle is used. Foregirths and false tails are permitted at the lower levels. The following is not. White Horse Dressage is a full service barn in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering instruction and training for horse and rider from the basics of safe ground handling and basic riding to higher level classical dressage and in-hand work. All levels of experience are welcome. We are proud to offer our clients a place where horses come first. A home away from home, where riding dreams come to. Marie Meyers Dressage is a full service Dressage training and sales facility located in Moorpark, California. Trainers Marie Meyers and Marisa Festerling are accomplished FEI level dressage riders and both have been members of the United States Equestrian Team. They have been fortunate to compete successfully in the international arenas. Their program caters to those dedicated to and.

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