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Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Flag football rules are more strict about deadlines: they commonly happen when the ball touches the ground, the ball-carrier's flag is pulled from their belt, the ball-carrier steps out of bounds, the ball-carrier's body—outside of their hands or feet—touches the ground, the pass is incomplete, the ball-carrier's flag falls out or the receiver has one or no flags when catching the ball Flag Football Game Rules: Read about the game's rules before you start. A 60-minute game played over two 30 minutes halves. No blocking, kicking, or fumbles. A 60-minute game played over two 30 minutes halves

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  1. 1. A legal flag pull takes place when the ball carrier is in full possession of the ball. 2. Defenders can dive to pull flags, but cannot tackle, hold or run through ball carrier when pulling flags. 3. It is illegal to attempt to strip or pull the ball or pull from the ball carrier's possession at any time. 4. If a player's flag inadvertently falls off during the play, the player is down immediately upon possession of the ball and the play ends
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  3. ate being turned partially around the waist during an attempted deflagging. Sonic flags must be 14″ or more in length and 2 inches in width and must be a different color than the players lower uniform. It is preferred that teammates must wear the same color of flags. The flags may not be permanently or temporarily altered by inserting any foreign substance into the male or female end of the plug.

Basic Flag Football Rules . Object . Flag football is played with two teams of 5 -8 players who attempt to score points by moving the ball down the field across the goal line. The team with the most points at the end of regulation time is the winner. Playing Area . The playing field is a rectangle usually around 60-80 yards long and 20-30 yards wide. There is BASIC FLAG FOOTBALL PLAYING RULES AT THE SNAP: 4 of 8bffensive.ple-ye($Jl1u9t be on the line. (5 y,:yd penalty.) BACKFIELD: At least one (1)yar~ pehind the line of scrimm$.ge.(5 yard penalty.) BALL CARRIER: Shall not deliberately drive or run into a defensive player, nor straight arm, nor protect the flag. (10 yard penalty) BLOCKIN

Flags. Flags must be worn within a 3-inch zone of the hip. Do not wrap flags around belt. There must be three flags present, with one on each hip. Removal of flag belt: When the flag belt is clearly taken from the ball carrier the down shall end and the ball is declared dead. A player who removes the flag belt from the ball carrier should immediately hold the flag belt above his head to assist the official in locating the spot where the capture occurred. A player may dive to remove a flag. Flag Football (oder kurz Flag) ist eine Variante des American Football. Deswegen sind die Regeln nahezu gleich. Ein wichtiger Unterschied: Körperkontakt ist nicht erlaubt. Deswegen können Frauen und Männer zusammen ein Team stellen Flag Football ist eine Ballsportart, die aus dem American Football entstanden ist und damit eine Variante des Gridiron Footballs darstellt. Der wesentliche Unterschied zum American Football ist, dass die Defense den ballführenden Spieler der Offense stoppt, indem sie ihm ein Flag aus dem Gürtel zieht, statt ihn körperlich zu tackeln wie im American Football Ball touches the ground as a result of a fumble or incomplete pass: the ball is not an extension of the arm. If the ball is pinned between the ground and the ball carriers hand, the play is dead. Ball carrier's knee touches the ground. Flag football is built around the offense and scoring

Although there is no tackling in flag football, safety gear such as mouthguards and safety straps for glasses are still recommended. Some leagues may require you to wear flat-soled or molded cleat shoes (meaning the cleats are actually part of the sole). Shoes with spikes or cleats that can be removed may be forbidden The official American Flag Football League rules, narrated by John Brenkus, provides a rapid lesson in how to play 7-on-7 flag football.The AFFL YouTube chan.. Flag football rules state that all passes must go forward and be received beyond the line of scrimmage. Shovel passes, which are short passes to forward receivers, are allowed, but also must be received beyond the line of scrimmage. Quarterbacks have a seven-second pass clock to get rid of the ball. And if they don't, the play is dead. Additionally, center sneak play—where the quarterback. In flag football there are no kickoffs. Whoever wins the coin toss will start with the ball from their own five yard line and will have three plays to cross midfield. Once a team crosses midfield..

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7v7 Flag Football Rules Page 3 G. Towels may not hang from a participant's waist. Each team must provide their own football. The official ball shall be pebble-grained leather or rubber covered and meets the recommendations of size and shape for regulation football. There are no requirements regarding ball pressure and markings. Men shall use the regular size whil IFAF Flag Football Rules are based on Tackle rules, but kept short and simple. The structure will follow Tackle Rules, but the content and numbering will not always correspond. The Flag Football Rules Book covers everything needed to play Flag Football without reference to the Tackle Rules Flag football is a non-contact sport, players are not allowed to block or jam the opposing players on the line of scrimmage. Equally, players are not allowed to block during the play. The will result in an illegal contact (5 yards) About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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Flag Football Rules. Start Of Game/Game Play: A coin toss will determine starting possession. The winner of the toss will have the choice of offense or defense. The loser of the toss will choose the direction they will go in the first half. For indoor flag football the away team will start with the ball in the first half, the home team will start with the ball in the 2nd half. The dimensions. Official Flag Football Rules Updated May 17, 2015. 2 Special Olympics North America TA LE OF ONTENTS I. Game 3 II. Equipment & Uniform 4 III. Terminology 5-6 IV. Field 7 V. Rosters 8 VI. Timing and Overtime 8-9 VII. Scoring 9 VIII. oaches expectations 9 IX. Live all/Dead all 10 X. Running 11 XI. Passing & Receiving 12 XII. Rushing the Passer 12 XIII. Screen locking 13 XIV. Flag Pulling 13 XV. RULES FLAG FOOTBALL Applies to both practices and games. GAMEPLAY: KICKING 55. Placekicking takes place from the 15-yard line with the receiving team at midfield. 56. On-side kicks are not allowed. 57. If a ball is kicked through the end zone, it is a touchback and the offense will take possession at their 15-yard line. 58. If the kickoff goes out-of-bounds, the kicking team must kickoff again. Flag football at any level follows the same rules of tackle football when it comes to offense. A quarterback takes a snap, can pass or hand off, and no forward passes are allowed beyond the line of scrimmage. Touchdowns are worth six points, but the big scoring difference is in extra points. A team can try a run from the 5 for one point, or from the 12 for two. Some leagues will put up two. Flag Football is played with 7 players on each team. Players compete for 60 minutes split into two 30-minute halves. Divide the field into four 25-yard boxes with a first down every 25-yards. If you're playing on a shortened field like we are, limit the amount of first downs available

Flag Football Rules The Basics • A coin toss determines first possession. • The offensive team takes possession of the ball at its 5-yard line and has three (3) plays to cross midfield; once a team crosses midfield, it has three (3) chances to score a touchdown; If the offense fails to score a touchdown, the ball changes possession and the new offensive team takes over on its 5-yard line. Coed 8v8 Flag Football Rules - Outdoor . The Clock . Game Length: Games consist of two (2) twenty (20)-minute halves with a running clock and two-minute warning at the end of the second half. A game will be considered played in full when second half starts. No games will be rescheduled for weather or for any other reasons once the second half starts in any game. During the playoffs any league.

i. The ball carrier's flag is pulled ii. The ball carrier loses his/her flag iii. The ball carrier steps out of bounds iv. The ball carrier's knee or hand touches the ground v. A touchdown, extra point, or safety is scored vi. When during a try-for-point the defense obtains possession of the ball vii. When a forward pass strikes the ground or is caught simultaneously by opposin Flag Football Rules (Men's & Women's) NEW RULE: ONSIDE KICKS 1. On all scoring plays in the final 10 minutes of the second half, after attempting a point after touchdown (PAT) (whether successful or unsuccessful) the scoring team can elect for an onside kick. 2. If the team elects for the onside kick they will receive one attempt, similar to a conversion, from the opponent 30. Flag Football Rules and Game Play Miller PE 2011-2012 History of Football American football as we know today developed in the late 1800s from two English sports, rugby and soccer. In 1876, the Intercollegiate Football Association was formed, and this organization developed many uniform rules of the game, including setting the scrimmage line, the system of downs, and the scoring system. Flag. Flagfootball ist die kontaktarme Variante von Football. Anstelle des Tackelns wird der Ballträger durch das Abreissen einer Flagge (Flag) vom Gürtel gestoppt. Flagfootball wird ohne Ausrüstung gespielt. Auch der Körperkontakt beim Blocken ist reduziert. Flagfootball ist ein Sport für Jedermann. Der Einstieg ist ganz leicht. Einfach den Ball nehmen und spielen Diese Tacklings sind im Flag Football verboten. Stattdessen trägt jeder Angreifer an einem Gürtel eine Flagge (Flag), die die verteidigende Mannschaft vom Angreifer abzureißen versucht und so den Angriff stoppen kann. So wird harter Körperkontakt vermieden, der ansonsten im Schulsport zu gesundheitlichen Risiken führen könnte. Die Rollenverteilungen gleichen dem American Football. Der Center besitzt den Ball am Anfang eines Spielzuges. Der Quaterback bekommt den Ball vom.

Under the Lights Flag Rules. 1st-2nd Grade Division Rules & Goals. UNLIMITED Runs; 45 second play clock; ONE Coach is allowed on the field for both offense and defense; In this division we want to get the players lined up properly and running in the right direction. We want to be flexible with the rules and teach the players the proper fundamentals of football. The Deception Rule will be in effect to help with the integrity of the passing game for both offense and defense One variation of Football that does not engage in close physical contact between players is the Flag Football. The rules of this Football game remain the same, except for the contact part of the sport. So, instead of tackling, players of the opposing team have to pull a flag off the 'flag belt' on the player carrying the ball in order to stop them in their tracks and successfully stop the. Rules of Flag Football for Kids The Basics. A typical youth flag football game consists of five to 10 players. The only equipment necessary is a... Quick Hands Rule. Blocking rules may vary between leagues, but what counts as a legal stop is universal. The defender... Live Ball/Dead Ball. Once a. Flag belt. Rule: 1-4. Equipment. Elastic bandage no more than two turns thick (anchored by tape no more than two turns thick). Gloves of a soft, pliable, and nonabrasive material. Knit or stocking cap with no bill. Headband no wider than 2. Face shield. Soft, pliable pads on lower leg, knee, and/or ankle

Flag football defense drills include various flag pulling drills, covering receivers man to man, and breaking on a ball once thrown. One key thing that kids will learn through most defense drills is taking a correct angle of pursuit. This is knowing where to run so that you're running to where the offensive player will be and not where they currently are. It sounds basic but many younger first time players will struggle with this early on A legal flag pull takes place when the ball carrier is in full possession of the ball. A defensive player may not pull the flags off of a player who does not have possession of the ball. • Defenders can dive to pull a ball carriers flag, but cannot hold, tackle or run through the ball carrier when attempting to pull their flags Summer Flag Football League 2021 . Registration open from April 16th - May 15th. Games on Saturdays at BARTRAM SPRINGS ONLY (No games on July 3rd) Six weeks of play, however, each team will play 8 games! June 12th. June 19th. June 26th. July 10th. July 17th. July 24t Play Mile High/Volo City Flag Football Rules. All games will be officiated by Play Mile High officials. They will in all best efforts work to make the game fair, safe and enjoyable for all players. All decisions are final. Officials will have the ultimate discretion on the field and have the power to remove any player from the game that he/she feel is engaging in behavior that is detrimental. Basic Rules to Play Powder Puff Football. Started in the 1930s, powder puff football is a variation of flag football, made for girls to be played at school or college level. This article describes the rules, regulations, and other requirements to organize and play this game successfully

Going semipro allowed teams to represent their cities and winners to take cash prizes, though they were not actually paid for their play. The American Flag Touch Football League came together in 1991. In 1997, all the organizations joined and formed the Professional Flag Football League, Inc. and flag football went pro. The first PFFL Pro Flag Bowl took place in 1997, and the first PFFL season with a travel schedule began in 1999 with six teams representing Buffalo, Indianapolis. Official Flag Football Rules `NO ALCOHOL AT PUBLIC PARKS/CHURCHES Alcoholic beverages are illegal at public parks/churches. Please don't bring it to the field; Not only do you risk getting cited by the police, we risk losing access to fields.Please help us protect our sports, and wait until you get to the bar. Red = Rule Changes Effective Spring 201 Flag football is a fast-paced game based on traditional American football in which participants wear flag belts that are pulled to end a play rather than tackling the player. The sport features two teams of 4 to 8 players on a smaller playing field. Teams advance the football downfield by running or passing in attempt to score a touchdown This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them

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STARS Flag Football Rules Table of Contents Article I: Basic Flag Football Rules Article II: Field Dimension/Equipment Article III: Game Timing/Timeouts/Scoring Article IV: Defense Article V: Offense Article VI: Penalties Article I: Basic Flag Football Rules A. Overview 1. All Divisions will play 6 on 6 2. Pre/K - 4th Grade divisions = Run and Pass 3. th5 /6th Grade division = 1 run per. RULES; CONTACT US. SPONSORS; REGISTER NOW; Search for: Rules. Rules rdavis2 2021-01-31T13:14:35-05:00. RULES. Game: Before the start of the game, captains from both teams meet at midfield for the coin toss to determine who starts with the ball. The visiting team calls the toss. The winner of the coin toss has the choice of offense or defense. The loser of the coin toss has the choice of. Rules & play books will be available; A Signed waiver ( on line or available opening day ) Need A COPY of a Birth Certificate All players will have a mouth piece ( included w/ registration ) MMV jersey , flag , Belt , mouth piece & Insurance are included QB can't run the ball, must hand off, pass or pitch the ball QB must Pass the ball in 7 seconds or loss of down 1 Defensive player can rush. Rule 7: Flag Belts. All players must wear flags while on the playing field. The flags will be fastened to the belt in such a manner as not to be twisted under or fastened to the inside of the belt. Two flags are to hang down vertically along the side seam of the trousers and one down the center of the back. Solid belts will be comprised of three flags. The ball carrier will be declared down when the belt clip becomes unfastened when pulled by a defensive player, the belt is torn into more. This flag football program provides youngsters with the opportunity to learn the game and develop football skills at an early age. This league is intended to provide an introductory step to the SMYFA football league. As such, some rules have been modified to make the transition of conventional football as easy as possible for the players. The SMYFA Flag Football Program was created to teach.

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Flag Football Rules; Videos; News. Frequent Questions; Get Involved. Become a Volunteer; Join a Study; Find an NFL Flag League Near You; Contact Tackle football can wait for your child's health's sake There was something West Virginia University football coach Dana Holgorsen said during his Wednesday press conference that plenty of people have probably heard before, just not from a person. 7 on 7 Flag Football Rules Team: A team consists of 7 players. A team must have 5 players to start the game. If a team does not have 5 players by 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time, that team will forfeit the contest. Forfeit time: 5 minutes after scheduled game time. Eligibility The NIRSA Flag Football Rules will govern play for any rules not mentioned in the following intramural rules. Rule 1. The Game, Field, Players, and Equipment 1.1 General Provisions 1.1.A. The Game (1-1-1) The game shall be played between two teams of seven players each. Five players are required to start the game and avoid a forfeit. 1.1.B. Eligibility (1-1-4) All players must have checked in. Powderpuff Football Rules Powderpuff game follows the general guidelines of flag football: Flag football is designed to be a game of skill, speed, ability and cunning. It is not meant to be a physical, pushing and pounding game. It is of utmost importance that sportsmanship and fair play be exercised at all times by all involved. All players who are members of a team are expected to play. Dead.

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Flag Football Soccer Baseball Basketball ZIP Lacrosse ™ Volleyball Additional Sports. Store. Store Categories. Store Shorts Women's Apparel Men's Apparel. Adult Unisex Apparel Children's Apparel Socks, Hats, Bags & More Athletic Gear. Store Resources Returns Shipping & Handling Customer Service. Blog; About Us. Company About i9 Sports® The i9 Sports® Experience How We're Different. Flag Football Rules Divisions Men's and Women's Leagues are offered Sub divisions may be created upon need of skill level 1. Team Requirements 1.1 A team shall consist of seven players. A team can play with a minimum of 6 players. 1.2 The offensive team must have 4 players within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap Flag matches in the UK are played with five players on each side with no contact, and are officiated according to the IFAF flag football rules with a few minor variations. The U17s and U14s compete in the National Youth Flag Football League, which runs from April to August, with teams battling it out to qualify for National Finals Day and ultimately be crowned National Champions All standard flag football league rules and penalties apply to Coed flag football league play. These are the added modifications for co-ed play: The game shall be played with FOUR (4) male players and THREE (3) female players, but may start with 3 males and 3 females. A team may have more female participants than male participants on the field but must have at least one male on the field at.

Women's Flag Football. Collegiate Women's Flag Football. The NAIA is proud to partner with the NFL to bring collegiate women's flag football to our member institutions. Is Women's Flag right for your school? Use this SS360 Start-Up Guide to see if adding Women's Flag to your athletics department makes sense. Get help getting started . The NFL is offering a $15,000 start-up stipend to the first. Flag Football Rules I. Live Ball/Dead Ball 1. The play is live when the ball passes through or next to the center's legs. Dropped snaps are a dead ball and loss of down. 2. The official will indicate the neutral zone and line of scrimmage. It is an automatic dead ball foul if any player on defense or offense enters the neutral zone. In regards to the neutral zone, the official may give both. Flag Football Rules. TEAMS. Players. There is no maximum number of players allowed on a team roster. All players must be on the roster and sign the BSSC waiver to participate. Players must be at least 18 years old at the start of the season. A team can field no more than 8 players at a time, and at least 3 of the players on the field must be women. A team must have at least 6 players, and at. Earliest Date for Flag Football Practice: 10/19: Earliest Date for Flag Football Contest: 12/5: Last Play Date for Flag Football: 12/9: Flag Football State Tournament - First Round: 12/15: Flag Football State Tournament - Second Round: 12/19: Flag Football State Tournament - Quarterfinals: 12/23: Flag Football State Tournament - Semifinals: 12/2 Flag & Touch Football Test Questions (Based on the 2019-2020 Rules Book & Officials' Manual) Level 1 Questions for the Beginner Official . Level 2 Questions for the Intermediate Official . Level 3 Questions for the Advanced Official . RULE 1 - THE GAME, FIELD, PLAYERS AND, EQUIPMENT Answer/Rule Level 1 Questions T (1-1-2) T F A minimum of 4 players is required in non-Corec games to avoid a.

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Low Prices on Flag Football Flag Football Rules 2017 RULE 1 Game, Field, Ball and Equipment SECTION 1. General Provisions ARTICLE 1. The Game The game shall be played between 2 teams of not more than 5 players each, on a rectangular field and with a regulation ball. For details see Diagram of Field. Team rosters consist of a maximum of 12 players (5 on the field with 7 substitutes). Teams may play with a minimu Flags must be worn at all times while players are on the game field. Flags must be worn on the outside of the participants clothing. Flags cannot be tied, tucked into clothing, or have a t-shirt covering them. Teams should bring a game ball to play with; Overview/General Rules. The field of play is 60 yards long + both end zones, and 30 yards wide FLAG FOOTBALL RULES. BASED ON NIRSA FLAG & TOUCH FOOTBALL RULES . Teams have 7 players each (less than 5 players=a forfeit). CO-ED: 8 players (4 men & 4 women). Less than 6 players a forfeit - a team may not have more than 4 men or 4 women on the field. CO-ED teams of 7 must be 4 men and 3 women or visa versa. Teams of 6 must be 3 men and 3 women. Pockets & belt loops on shorts or pants ARE. Basic Flag Football Playing Rules AT THE SNAP: 4 of 8 offensive players must be on the line. (5 yard penalty.) BACKFIELD: At least one (1) yard behind the line of scrimmage. (5 year penalty.) BALL CARRIER: Shall not deliberately drive or run into a defensive player nor straight arm, nor protect the flag. (10 yard penalty) BLOCKING

There shall be no diving with the ball or to get a flag-you may dive to catch the ball. Converts and kickoffs are not considered a play. The offensive team does not have to state when they are punting the ball. Only the rusher may cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is passed off. Intentional penalties on the last 3 plays = penalty + replay In flag football rules, (teams have four downs to cross midfield. If they successfully cross midfield within four downs, then they have three downs to score a touchdown). Flag guarding. This flag football term happens when the ball-carrier prevents a defender from pulling down their flags. For example, they might stiff arm, cover their flag with their open hand, or lower their elbow. It is.

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2020 NFL Flag Rules. We are now fully aligned with the 2020 NFL Flag Football Rule Book. We encourage all Coaches, Parents and Spectators to please take time to familiarize yourselves with the Official 2020 NFL Flag Football rules. This way we are all aligned and the game can always be played as it is intended YMCA Flag Football Rules Start of Game/Possessions • A coin toss determines first possession and goal to be defended. • The offensive team takes possession of the ball at its 20-yard line and has four (4) plays to cross midfield (40 yd. line). 3rd and up will kick off at the beginning of the game, afte enforcement of the rules governing related actions. RULE 1 The Game, Field, Players, and Equipment Section 1. The Game Art. 1. Flag Football is played by two teams of nine players each. The objective is for each team to throw, catch, or run the ball into its own end zone and to prevent the other team from scoring. Art. 2

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To participate in the T.A.A.F. Adult Flag Football program, a team must be registered through a T.A.A.F. Member (city parks & recreation department or an affiliate member). Contact your member or T.A.A.F. State Office for eligibility requirements. State Commissioners for Adult Flag Football. Men's 8v8 Flag Football Rules 2021 Flag football is a variant of American football where, instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier (deflagging) to end a down, and contact is not permitted between players

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Youth Flag Football. SUNDAY NIGHT FLAG FOOTBALL SUNDAY, APRIL 18 - SUNDAY, mAY 23 4:00-8:00PM GRADES K-8. $99/player. Registration deadline is April 2nd or when league is full. REGISTER ONLINE. GAME RULES (GRADES K-2) GAME RULES (GRADES 3-8) Back To Top. T3 Performance, 1965 Recreation Lane, Avon, OH, 44011, United States 440-934-2244 info@t3athlete.com. Powered by T3 Performance. All Rights. Flag Football Rules I. Live Ball/Dead Ball 1. The play is live when the ball passes through or next to the center's legs. Dropped snaps are a dead ball and loss of down. 2. The official will indicate the neutral zone and line of scrimmage. It is an automatic dead ball foul if any player on defense or offense enters the neutral zone. In regards to the neutral zone, the official may give both teams a courtes 1. Flags - The YMCA furnished flags must be used. Three flags will be worn (one on each hip and one in the back). Flags may not be wrapped, tied, or tucked around the flag belt and must be in clear view of the defending player. Excess belt material must be wrapped around the belt or tucked in the waistband so as not to have the appearance of a flag. 2. Football Siz

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Flag Football Rules Flag Football is a contact sport and injuries are a possibility. The department of University Recreation, Intramural Sports assumes no responsibility for injuries; however basic, first aid will be available. Regulations published in the Intramural Sports Handbook will be the governing policies for all intramural sports. Participants are responsible fo 8v8 Co-ed Flag Football Rules NUMBER OF PLAYERS / TEAM ROSTERS . Each team shall field eight (8) players, with at least three (3) females at all times. Teams that are not able to field a complete team may play with a minimum of six (6) players (no more than five (5) men, no less than two (2) females). A maximum of two pick-up players (one male/one female or two females) will be permitted. University Football (BUCS) Flag Football. What is Flag Football? Adult Flag; Women's Flag; Children's Flag; International. International Overview; Personnel; Get Involved. Play. Become a Player; Find a Club; Establishing a Club; Coach. Become a Coach; Coaching Resources; Teaching Football in Schools; Referee. Become a Referee; Rules of the.

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NFL FLAG Rules. Below are the basic rules for NFL FLAG Football with some video demonstrations. All players, coaches and referees should review these basic rules often. Click here for the full NFL FLAG Football Official Rule Book. PENN Athletics Club Rule Exceptions. Rule: Coaches are allowed on the field to direct players according to need and division. Coaches must move to the sidelines. These aspects, so important to making football what it is, cannot be experienced in flag or other non-contact options. Flex is the ONLY format that can unite all of the football world. It provides the real football gameplay that flag players desire along with the fundamental progression that every tackle player needs. Whether it's the experience, competition, progression, or just plain fun, we believe every athlete should get what they want from the game. Flex is for EVERYONE Try this amazing The Ultimate Flag Football Quiz! quiz which has been attempted 2136 times by avid quiz takers. Also explore over 163 similar quizzes in this category Explore the DubC General NFL Flag Football League Rules. At the start of each game, captains from both teams meet at midfield for the coin toss to determine who starts with the ball. The visiting team calls the toss. The winner of the coin toss has the choice of offense or defense

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